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How E-Cig Works

It heats a small cartridge containing e-liquid which is a mixture of nicotine and glycol. When heated, e liquid releases a vapor that tastes and feels exactly like you're smoking a cigarette. When you exhale, all you see is a cloud of water vapor. There is absolutely no second hand smoke or odor. Let's see what makes the electric cigarette so effective.

E-Liquid Brands
E-liquid Comes In Many Strengths

It comes in strengths ranging from 5mg to 50mg. If you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, you're at approximately the 35mg level and a 3 pack a day smoker about 50mg. When you're ready to quit smoking, the first thing you do is decide which nicotine strength e-liquid you need. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks, you'll slowly lower the nicotine strength
you use to refill your smokeless cigarette. In 3-6 month's, you are down to the lowest strength and then switching to the 0mg nicotine is not uncomfortable.

Girl Smoking CigaretteYou Can Smoke While Using An E-Cigarette

Heavy smokers usually smoke about 3-4 real cigarettes per week when they first start vaping. This is perfectly normal and you will actually begin to dislike real cigarettes as your sense of taste and smell begin to return. After you have made the transition to the 0mg nicotine, you may still feel the urge to smoke. This is usually not due to nicotine withdrawal but a psychological dependence to the physical act of smoking. You can continue vaping using nicotine free e-liquid to satisfy your psychological dependence and you'll be nicotine and smoke free. There are many of flavors of 0mg e liquid designed for this purpose.

Pricing & Costs

Smokers switching will save an average of $150 a month using smokeless cigarettes.
This is because Smoke-Free Cigarettes are refillable. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid is equal to two cartons of cigarettes and costs about $10. You do the math. Factor in the ability to use your electronic cigarette anywhere and you will see its
true value is actually priceless.

E-Cigarette mods have been around as long as the e-cig itself. They are basically a way to increase the performance of your e-cigarette. Most often, mods are used to increase battery voltage or amperage. Altering your device can be very dangerous. We hear all to often about an e cig exploding in someones face severely injuring them. Almost all e-smoking injuries are related to a modification not authorized by the manufacturer or due to a knock off brand of e-cigarette. Don't waste your time with mods. Buy the correct starter kit for your needs from an authorized dealer. You'll be glad you did.